How Do I Develop Content For Marketing My Business

How Do I Develop Content For Marketing My Business

If you have spent any time online you have probably heard that “content is king” or that content marketing is essential to your online presence. While the word content can seem a bit of a buzz word, it is extremely important. The internet has drastically changed from a collection of static web pages, to an ever evolving information source. If your business isn’t producing new information or content for your existing clients/customers or potential clients/customers to consume, your business will be pushed aside by those who are creating new, exciting and educational content. People want to consume. They want something new to consume.


People are spending more and more time online because of devices outside their laptop or desktop browsers such as mobile devices and even internet connected televisions. There are even internet of things devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home device that can now read the latest news to you with a simple voice command request. Consumption is growing at a rapid pace and it’s important that your business doesn’t get left in the dust.


So how do you come up with content? This is one of the biggest struggles my clients have when I work with them to develop an online marketing plan. They get overwhelmed with all the possibilities and let it become something bigger than it needs to be. While I won’t say creating content is simple, it doesn’t have to be a huge production either. It’s really about biting off a little bit and taking the first steps. So what do I tell my clients?




What do we use Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other web search for? We use it to answer questions. Where is something? How do I do something? What happened today? When do I need to leave for so and so location? Where do I buy a certain product? What makes product A better than product B? Why should I do something? Questions, questions, questions!


Are your clients/customers asking you questions when they meet with you or come into your business? I would hope so. It’s important to have those interactions and most likely they are asking because they see you as a potential expert on the specific product or service you provide. How often do you find that they ask the same questions?


Has it clicked yet?


If one person is asking you a questions about your product or your service, then there are probably others out there that have the same question. Why not turn that question into content for your website and social media platforms? Don’t wait for the ask. Give the information out before they ask and show that you are the expert. Makes their search easier and they will notice who provided that information.


I tell my clients to keep track of all the questions they are asked for one week. They find they have a list of 10 to 15 questions, if not many more. Now you have action items to work on for content. Take each one of those questions and create your answer. I usually tell my clients to start with one a month for the first few months. So they can get used to the routine. It’s up to them how they want to provide that answer. It can be in written form (blog post), a video or even an audio sound bite. I work with them to figure out what they think their clients/customers will respond to and consume. We even mix things up so that it’s not always in written form or always a video. Variety helps peak interest and makes people want to return for more of your content. Variety also allows you to reach people who might not respond to written form but rather like video or vica versa.


After a few months, we work to increase the frequency of their content releases. The best part is that they can add to their list of questions as time goes. Even marking the repetitive questions, so they know which ones to really focus on or even revisit if it’s something they already answered. They typically find that the questions become a constant flow of content ideas. Allowing their business to keep their websites fresh, social media platforms interesting and keep their business in front of existing, as well as potential clients and customers.


Providing answers make you look like an expert and makes your business the “go to.” Providing answers means that your business will appear when people ask their favorite search engine a question that is related to your business. Now you are not being left in the dust because you have static, irrelevant information on your site and social media platform.

Remember, content doesn’t have to be hard. Listen to people… Questions = Content!

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